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Evaluate the Problem, Determine Best Plan of Attack, Provide Safe & Effective Treatment

Are the treatments safe for children, pets and furniture?

As the owner of PremierX Pest Control I personally research each product that our technicians use to treat your home/business. I only choose products that are deemed safe by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The products are odorless and do not stain. Our technicians are also highly trained to know where and how much product to use. Our technicians do take into consideration which product/s to use and where if there are young children in the home.

They will also inquire about pets in the home; where they sleep and eat. They will then move any food/water bowls from the area before applying any product.

Our technicians will never spray/apply product around fish tanks. Even though the product is deemed safe, my father instinct is to always err on the side of caution. As a precaution, we will request that children who crawl and pets not be allowed on the floor during treatment. If possible, we would also request that you allow the product to dry, which takes a few minutes, before allowing them to freely roam in the treated space.

It typically only takes 1-2 minutes for product to dry outside. If you have any other questions about the safety of specific products being used in your home ask your technician upon arrival.

Do we need to leave during treatment?

As mentioned above the products we use are deemed safe by the EPA. For most of the treatments PremierX Pest Control offers leaving the home/business is not necessary. Those would typically be general pest control treatments for common household pests such as ants, cockroaches, beetles, spiders, etc.

Our technicians are highly trained to apply the chemical in the “red zones” where the pests typically thrive. However, depending on the infestation you me required to leave during service. For example: during bed bug treatment everyone is asked to leave the area/home/business that is being treated during service. Our technicians are not spraying product that entire time but they do need to access to the entire area to perform other treatments.

It Is best to discuss the plan of attack with your technician for each case.

DIY versus Professional: Is there a difference between hiring a professional for pest control and buying product over-the-counter and doing it myself?

Yes, there are big differences.

1. COST: While, it is initially cheaper to head to the store and buy over-the-counter product to tackle those ants or cockroaches in your home it may end up costing you more in the end. If the over-the-counter pesticides are not effective it may lead to a bigger pest problem. That will then have you heading back to the store to try your luck on another product. Continuing to buy in store products can get costly, especially if they’re not taking care of the problem.

PremierX Pest Control techs are able to diagnosis specifically which pests are the problem. They will then determine which product and treatment would be the best for the situation to get the best results. PremierX Pest Control offers a 30 day guarantee, which means if you’re not seeing results we will head back out, reassess the situation and treat again at no additional cost to you.

2. SAFETY : PremierX Pest Control technicians are highly trained to keep you/your family and customers safe. They are certified by the state of New Mexico and continue to attend workshops/training on product warnings, product placement and the amount of product that should be applied. We research every product that is applied in your home/business to make sure it is safe. We would not bring any product in your home that we wouldn’t use in our own.

If you still plan on DIY pest control, make sure to read the instructions and warning labels on the product thoroughly. Always remember that chemicals can carry risks to people, pets or even plants if not applied correctly and safely. As a father, I personally research all products that my technicians use and make sure they are deemed safe by the EPA.

3. EFFECTIVENESS : It may come as a surprise to you that pests routinely adapt to pesticides and can become immune to certain chemicals. This typically happens to products that are used for an extended period of time in different households, which could be the product you just bought at the store. You may never know the pests lingering in your home will not be phased by the pesticide you just bought until a few days after its used. That could lead to a bigger pest problem.

PremierX Pest Control routinely researches products and its effectiveness on different pest control situations. We learn when a pesticide is being phased out straight from the companies selling the product. If we service your home/business and you are not seeing results we have the option to apply a different product at no extra cost to you.

Do I need to sign a contract?

No, there is no need to sign a contract to get quality pest control service from PremierX Pest Control. We understand that it may not be the right time for you to commit to another payment. That is why we offer different service plans such as; call for service, monthly appointments and quarterly service.

We do not require any up front payments nor do we require you put a credit card on file. When you need us just give us a call.

Do you charge for follow up treatments?

PremierX Pest Control offers a variety of service options that come with guarantees. Our monthly service, or one-time service, comes with a 30 day guarantee. If you are not seeing results give us a call within that 30 day period and we will head back out and re-service your home/business. PremierX Pest Control also offers quarterly service. We will service your home/business every three months with spot treatments in between service as needed.

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