ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – There was much winter weather across New Mexico Monday with the metro seeing some rain and snow. The snow led to some dangerous road conditions and more winter weather is on the way.

“As the snow has started to come down in the East Mountains, we’ve stayed on top of it. They’ve gone back and gotten more material and they’re plowing the roadways and putting material down,” said New Mexico Dept. of Transportation Albuquerque Public Information Officer Kimberly Gallegos.

Weather Information

NMDOT says crews have been monitoring the conditions in the East Mountains, where commuters had to slow down due to the winter storm. According to BCSO, eastbound I-40 from Tramway was down to one lane during rush hour today.

Drivers mentioned navigating slick and slushy roads. “It started out heavy and then tapered and then got heavy. Now it’s tapering again. But I’m expecting a two-hour delay tomorrow,” said Cedar Crest resident Stacey Adams.

NMDOT added crews in the East Mountains plan to work on clearing and salting the roads overnight and well into Tuesday evening.