SANTA FE, N.M. (KRQE) – Monday was a wild weather day. Rain, hail, and landspouts made their way across Central New Mexico. There were several confirmed landspouts Monday, which are weaker tornadoes. While that was alarming for some, they did not mind the rain that came along with it.

It was a crazy day of weather throughout the central part of our state. “With hail and lightning and all the works,” Andrew Georges said. “It kind of came out of nowhere,” Ariana Armijo, who lives in Santa Fe, added.

KRQE News 13 saw hail filling the side of the road while driving along I-25 from Albuquerque to Santa Fe. “Like this morning it was a little bit cloudy, and I was like, ‘okay, it will be fine,” Armijo said. “It was hot yesterday so it is not going to rain. Then it just started hailing, and I was like, ‘what’s going on?'”

Aside from the rain and hail, there were several tornado threats Monday. Video shows a landspout just before noon in Socorro County. There was another landspout from Bosque Farms that a viewer sent News 13 Monday afternoon. There was another one on the Santo Domingo Pueblo, as well as right above the Santa Fe Regional Airport. “We hunkered down at least for a good two hours,” Georges, who works at Avis at the airport, said. “It went on for a while.”

Georges described Monday’s weather as “insane”. “We have just been staying inside trying to stay dry,” Georges said. “We have just been trying to avoid that lightning. Staying next to metal cars is a death sentence.”

Some people said the precipitation is welcome. “We are loving it,” Santa Fe resident Adrian Montoya said. “Because we need the moisture so bad. We are in this exceptional drought, and we need the rain real bad.”

The storm tapered off in Santa Fe by early Monday evening. “The rain has stopped for the most part, so we are able to get back to our jobs,” Georges said.

Avis said none of their cars were damaged by the hail. As of Monday evening, there were no reports of injuries or widespread damage. The Santa Fe Regional Airport said Monday’s weather did not impact any flights.