The large system that impacted the state Monday remains in control of the continental US’s weather. It is pushing into the Great Lakes region, keeping a northerly breeze across the state. This northerly breeze will persist into the weekend. Northerly air brings much colder conditions from Canada, which is why the chill will stick around.

Plenty more sunshine is expected across the state this afternoon compared to earlier this week. This may allow temperatures to rise a degree or two, but the northerly winds will keep temperatures below average even with sunshine. Dry conditions will last through tomorrow morning, before snow flurries begin falling across the Northern Mountains and into southern Colorado Thursday afternoon and evening and possibly continuing into Friday. The rest of the state will remain dry.

The winds and cold will be the main weather impacts across New Mexico this week. A wind advisory remains in effect for the Central Highlands until 5 PM today, with gusts up to 50 mph expected. Winds will die down a bit into Thursday and Friday, but breezy conditions are still expected. Temperatures will begin warming a bit by Sunday.