NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – After a picture-perfect Friday, our weather is now becoming much more violent. Wind speeds have increased 20-30 mph statewide with isolated gusts 40-45 mph for eastern NM. This isn’t going to help conditions for some of the wildfires. Red flag warnings are in effect for the rest of Saturday and into Sunday where extreme dryness will raise the risk even more. Relative humidity levels are in the single-digit range and in some cases, below 5%. This makes it easier for the wind to blow around the air since it’s less dense. We’re seeing increasing high clouds this evening ahead of some very active weather across the west. This puts New Mexico in the sweet spot for damaging wind gusts, especially midweek once again we could see some gusts in the 60-70 mph range. So be prepared for more blowing dust.

Forecast Continues Below

Temperatures cool a few degrees mainly across northern NM Sunday. We’ll still be very warm south as highs reach into the upper 80s. Monday will feature sunny skies as temps bounce back above average. Tuesday we’ll see some cooing north once again as the second cold front takes aim at our state. This front is much stronger than the first. So we’ll see scattered showers mainly north of I-40 Tuesday afternoon as temps crash 15-20° Wednesday behind some powerful wind gusts.