NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – We saw a break from the winds Friday, but it is short-lived. Strong winds begin to return this weekend and will stick around through next week.

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Finally, a break from the windy weather Friday across New Mexico as a ridge of high pressure moves across the state. While the weather was quiet today, this is short-lived as it becomes more active again starting Saturday.

West-southwesterly winds will pick up Saturday afternoon with breezy to windy conditions across the state as temperatures climb well-above average for this time of year. Unfortunately, this will bring a very high fire danger across the state once again. Winds pick up even more so on Sunday afternoon, again, bringing a high fire danger to almost all of New Mexico.

A storm system will pass north of New Mexico through the middle of next week causing wind speeds to increase through Tuesday. These winds will also continue to bring a very high fire danger across the state at least into the middle of the week.

This storm system will sweep a cold front across New Mexico Tuesday bringing in much colder air to the state. Unfortunately, it does not look to bring a lot in terms of moisture. Rain is likely in southern Colorado on Tuesday, and potentially even into the northern half of New Mexico. Some snow will be possible too across the peaks of the northern mountains. A majority of the state will remain dry.

Winds will finally start dying down on Thursday of next week as temperatures slowly rebound into the end of the week.