A windy, warm, and dry weather pattern is setting up across New Mexico. This pattern will be sticking with us for the next several days.

Very little rain fell this morning across the state as drier air quickly moved in by the afternoon. The drier air cleared out the clouds and brought windier weather. Wind are gusting 25-35 mph with some areas clocking 40+ mph wind gusts. This pattern will now be the trend into next week. Temperatures will be climbing every afternoon into the middle of next week. Winds will pick up every afternoon as well, gusting as high as 40 mph across parts of the state. Winds do die down at night before picking up the next day. Windy and dry weather will also bring a high fire danger every afternoon.

There are signs that this pattern will change by the end of next week with possible rain chances returning. However, there is a lot of uncertainty still this far out.