A low pressure system is sitting off the coast of Southern California, slowly moving closer to shore. This is creating a southwesterly breeze across the state, drawing up a lot of moisture from Mexico. The moisture will allow for spotty showers to continue across the far southwestern corner of the state through Tuesday.

The upper level low will push into New Mexico Tuesday, weakening as it pushes over land. Still, gusty winds will persist along and to the east of the Central Mountain Chain Tuesday afternoon. Temperatures will remain above average across most of the state, especially east, through tomorrow before a large low pressure system approaches to the north.

The mid-week low pressure system will bring the jet stream directly over New Mexico. It will be extremely powerful, sending a cold front across the state. The front will allow winds to pick up as it moves, with possible hurricane force (74+ mph) wind gusts across the state. You can expect winds 50-70 mph statewide, and 70-85+ mph across higher elevations and further south. This may create dust storms, power outages, and blowing snow that may lead to whiteout conditions. Wednesday is the day to look out for this week – along with snow, rain, and damaging winds, much colder temperatures will return once again by Wednesday and into Thursday. Remain weather aware.