NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – The winds are still breezy across New Mexico for the morning commute, making colder temperatures feel like the teens, twenties and thirties. Wear your warmer layers this morning! The winds will stay breezy across the state today, and very gusty in eastern New Mexico.

Forecast Continues Below

High wind warnings and wind advisories will be back in effect for eastern New Mexico all day, as wind gusts will reach 60 to 65 mph again. Red flag warnings will also be in effect this afternoon and evening across the east plains, due to dry air and high winds. Temperatures will stay cooler than yesterday by about ten to fifteen degrees, thanks to a cold front that moved through overnight.

Saturday will be partly cloudy in the morning, but sunny by the afternoon. Temperatures will warm up about ten degrees, putting our high temperatures back around normal. Winds will lighten up for all, with just a light breeze from the southwest. Sunday will be even warmer, sunny all day, and breezy in the northern half of the state.