The jet stream, or strongest upper level winds, will approach the state today. This will allow winds to become breezy statewide, with gusts 30-45 mph. The windiest conditions will be across northwestern New Mexico this afternoon with isolated gusts up to 40 mph. There is a line of upper level clouds moving west to east across the northern half of the state, but today will remain dry and mostly sunny for a majority of New Mexico. Dry and breezy conditions have created the need for Red Flag Warnings to be issued for much of the state. Downslope warming will allow areas east of the Central Mountain Chain to get a few degrees warmer than yesterday, while western areas may be a degree or two cooler.

Tomorrow, the strongest upper level winds arrive. This will allow widespread wind gusts 40-60 mph, even stronger across the mountains. Areas of blowing dust are likely. Dry air mixed with these gusty winds have allowed Red Flag Warnings to be reissued for almost every part of the state. I would not be surprised if more Fire Weather Watches/Red Flag Warnings were reissued Thursday and even Friday. Do not burn anything outdoors or do anything work outdoors that will create sparks for the rest of the week.

The jet stream will begin to lift north Thursday, with the windiest conditions across the northern two-thirds of the state. But, it won’t be nearly as windy as Wednesday with gusts up to 35-50 mph. Plenty of sunshine and dry air throughout the afternoon. Friday will be even calmer than Thursday, with wind gusts expected to remain below 35 mph for most of the state. A cold front passage will bring temperatures down significantly Thursday and Friday, expected to become below average by about 5-10 degrees across the state. Cool but calm conditions will follow us into this weekend.