The fast moving jet stream and associated cold front that impacted us yesterday is quickly pushing east over the Continental United States. Temperatures this afternoon will be 10-25 degrees colder across the east and southeast, more seasonable west and north. High clouds are streaming across the state from southwest to northeast, expected to dissipate late tonight.

Temperatures will rebound into Thursday and Friday with the return of southwesterly winds allowing for downslope warming. This will allow temperatures across the southeast to get into the mid to upper 70s, with near 60 here in Albuquerque by Friday afternoon.

Friday afternoon will also feature an upper level low pushing south towards the Rockies. This low will strengthen winds and once again allow for gusts 40-60 mph across the northeast. The pattern will try to funnel moisture into the state, but only minimal amounts will make it, keeping most of the state dry, warm, and windy. However, northern mountain snow flurries are expected. This weekend and into early next week, there are favorable conditions for rainfall, but the extent and intensity is still uncertain at this point.