NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Temperatures will warm every day through the middle of this week. A storm will dive into New Mexico on Thanksgiving Day, potentially bringing snow to eastern parts of the state.

After a frigid last several days for all of New Mexico, warmer weather is finally beginning to return this week. Westerly winds are helping to draw in this drier and warmer air. We will continue this warming trend into Wednesday when high temperatures will be right around, if not slightly above-average for the end of November.

Forecast Continues Below

The forecast becomes more interesting starting Thanksgiving Day. A storm system will dive into New Mexico Wednesday night through Thursday, bringing a drop in temperatures statewide by Thursday afternoon.

Then the forecast becomes a lot more uncertain. There is a lot of variability as to the track of the storm system later this week, but there is the possibility of snowfall across the eastern half of New Mexico from Thursday through Friday. There is very low confidence in exactly where that snow will fall, but the entire eastern half of the state may see snow during this time frame.

While the uncertainty is low, any snow will be wind-blown and could create reduced visibility and icy roadways. While winter weather impacts don’t look major or widespread at the moment, it is best now to plan accordingly if you will be traveling through the eastern half of New Mexico on Thanksgiving Day or Friday.

Warmer and quieter weather will return again by the weekend and will be the trend into early next week.