NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Another warm and windy afternoon across New Mexico. Temperatures are expected to get a few degrees warmer than yesterday, while winds will be slightly less gusty but still windy across the north/east. Highs will be in the 80s southeast, 70s southwest, mid to upper 60s central and 50s up into southern Colorado. Westerly upper level winds will dominate today, keeping dry air in place across the state.

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This dry air, mixed with windy conditions especially northeast, has led to a Red Flag Warning being issued for the Central and Northeast Highlands. Any fires that do spark will spread very quickly. The winds will die down a bit more tomorrow afternoon as the subtropical jet moves over the state. This will bring more moisture and cloud coverage overhead, but we are expected mostly dry and warm conditions tomorrow.

Wednesday will feature very similar weather to today, with the potential for another Red Flag Warning to be issued. Winds will pick up across the northern parts of the state as a storm system forms over Colorado. It will bring us mostly dry and windy conditions. The system will bring a weak cold front, bringing down temperatures slightly Thursday afternoon. They will quickly rebound into next weekend, with 60° or warmer expected for the next 7 or more days.