NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Monday morning is quiet, with mostly light winds and clear skies. Temperatures range from the 20s in the mountains to the 30s, 40s and 50s. Monday will be a warm day, with warmer temperatures than yesterday for areas west of the central mountain chain. Meanwhile, a backdoor cold front is moving into eastern NM this morning, which will keep temperatures around ten degrees cooler than yesterday, and bring in some moisture that will lower the fire risk in the area. Skies will be sunny in the morning, but clouds will arrive for the afternoon and evening. Winds will be fairly quiet today, coming in from the south/southwest at 10-20 mph and some higher gusts in the mountains.

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The fire threat increases Tuesday, and fire weather watches and red flag warnings will be in effect Tuesday midday through the evening for the Rio Grande Valley, northern and western New Mexico. Winds will be gusty on Tuesday, coming in from the west, up to around 40-50 mph. Temperatures will rebound on Tuesday for all areas, thanks to those strong westerly winds, and downslope warming into the Valley and Plains. Highs will be unseasonably warm through Thursday, with cooler temperatures arriving for the weekend.