Showers and storms are still popping up across the state today, with the strongest storms in eastern New Mexico. Most activity will dissipate past 10 or 11 PM, with clearing clouds overnight and into early Sunday morning. Temperatures will be mild south and a bit cooler to the north.

Weak upper-level winds will persist into Sunday afternoon. This will keep severe weather threats much lower than the past few days. However, with weak winds come slow-moving storms.

Slower storms can drop more rain over one location, which will lead to flash flood concerns especially over the mountains and most recent burn scars. Morning hours will remain calm and sunny before showers and storms pop up after 1 or 2 pm.

Even more moisture will surge across the state starting early next week as a low-pressure system approaches from the northwest. This increased moisture will allow for more widespread shower and storm activity starting Monday and continuing into Tuesday. It will not be a rain-all-day situation, but multiple rounds of rain are expected throughout both days. Rain chances continue across parts of the state through late next week. Wet weather and below-average temperatures aren’t going anywhere for much of the state.