NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – After a bit of snow and rain yesterday, the skies have cleared overnight. This has allowed temperatures to dip below freezing all across the state waking up on this Monday morning. Don’t forget to bundle up. A lot more sunshine is expected this afternoon compared to yesterday.

Forecast Continues Below

While everybody will be feeling the sunshine, not necessarily everyone will be feeling the warmer weather. To the south and east, temperatures will warm up to 10 degrees above what we felt yesterday. However, chilly conditions are still forecast to the north. All of New Mexico will begin to feel more seasonable through Wednesday, before an arctic blast hits the US.

The jet stream will dig down across the Central United States starting late Wednesday and continuing into Thursday. This will bring a significant blast of arctic air across the central parts of the country, and splitting New Mexico in half. The far easternmost part of the state has the potential to see temperatures 35 – 40 degrees below normal, with dangerous wind chill. To the west of the Central Mountain Chain, it will be a lot milder. Thursday will be the day to watch for this week.