The summer heat is not over yet with record and near-record high temperatures later this week.

Temperatures a few a degrees cooler Tuesday across New Mexico thanks to a very weak cold front that moved in on Labor Day. High pressure is building over northern Chihuahua, Mexico though which will bring much warmer weather through the rest of this week.

High temperatures start a warming trend on Wednesday, with southern New Mexico climbing back into the triple-digits again. Albuquerque will climb back into the 90s tomorrow. On Thursday and Friday, a little bit of monsoon moisture will wrap around the area of high pressure. This will bring a couple isolated showers and thunderstorms to the southwest and southern mountains. Any rain in the lower elevations will likely evaporate, creating gusty winds.

Record high temperatures are likely going to be broken in southeast New Mexico and the Rio Grande Valley. Roswell could even see the hottest temperature ever recorded during the month of September as triple-digit heat continues. High temperatures will be a few degrees cooler this weekend.

A pattern change is finally on the way early next week that will bring a taste of fall for parts of New Mexico. A backdoor cold front will move in early next week in eastern New Mexico and push south and west through the state by Tuesday. This front will bring a drop in temperatures and higher rain chances, especially across the eastern half of the state. There is still a lot of uncertainty though in just how much rain it will bring and how cool the air will be behind it.