NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Winds have picked up through Tuesday morning, and gusts will strengthen throughout the afternoon. A wind advisory is in effect for northern New Mexico, where winds will gust from the west at 40-50 mph. The Metro will see winds up to around 40 mph, and southern NM will see gusts to 30 mph. The westerly wind is drawing in drier air, which will contribute to the high fire danger across the state today. Red flag warnings are in effect through late Tuesday evening. Wildfires will ignite rapidly from a single spark. Far east-central NM may see a couple of isolated showers during the evening. Skies will stay partly cloudy today.

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The fire threat remains high for the whole state on Wednesday, and red flag warnings will be issued. Winds will gust at 30-40 mph from the west. Temperatures will remain warm, and skies will be sunnier. The wind will take a brief break on Thursday, before kicking back up on Friday. A big cool down arrives Friday and Saturday, as cold fronts move through the state, keeping temperatures 10 to 15 degrees cooler for the weekend.