NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – This morning is partly sunny and cool. Winds are light to breezy, and today will be a very windy day. Wind advisories are in effect from late morning through late evening across much of New Mexico, as winds will gust to around 50 to 60 mph.

The highest winds will be around the northern, central and western mountains, as well as the central highlands and northeast highlands. Winds will gust at around 35 to 45 mph in most of southern New Mexico, aside from the Guadalupe Mountains of Eddy County, where 80 mph wind gusts will be possible. The entire state and southern Colorado will be under red flag warnings today, due to the extreme fire danger.

Temperatures will cool by around ten degrees in the Four Corners as a cold front moves in. Central New Mexico will be a few degrees cooler than Tuesday. Eastern and southern New Mexico will stay hot. The front will cool down the entire state more on Thursday. Winds will stay gusty in central and northern New Mexico on Thursday, but not as windy as today. Friday and the weekend will gradually calm down.