NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Today will feature increased activity across the eastern half of the state as a backdoor front pushes into New Mexico. High pressure over the four corners will continue to draw in drier air to the western part of the state. In Albuquerque, this afternoon is expected to remain quiet and hot. By tonight, a breezy east canyon wind brought by that backdoor front may spark an evening storm over the metro.

Forecast Continues Below

The heaviest and most widespread of the shower and thunderstorm action is expected to begin forming along the Central Mountain Chain and spreading east. A storm northeast of Tucumcari has remained strong from this morning and continuing into the early afternoon. Storms that do form closer to the Texas border have a higher potentially for severe weather. Damaging winds and hail are the main concerns.

The front will continue pushing south across the eastern part of the state overnight and into Tuesday. This will allow storms to continue overnight to the east. In the southeastern corner of the state, there is a flood watch in effect as anywhere from 1-3″ total rainfall is possible by Tuesday.