Showers and storms will continue through the early evening, with a majority of the action expected to diminish before midnight. Still, any heavier thunderstorm has the potential to drop a significant amount of rain, which is why flash flooding over the Gila and Sacramento mountains remains a concern through tonight with watches in effect.

Dry air will continue to wrap around the high pressure, pushing the stable air mass further across the northern and central parts of the state into Friday. The highest potential for heavy thunderstorms will be along and to the west of the Continental Divide. This drier pattern is expected into the weekend ahead as well.

Even with drier air infiltrating the state, it is still the monsoon. This means that daily round of afternoon showers and storms are still likely over higher elevations, even across the north and eastern parts of the state. The coverage of shower and thunderstorm activity is just expected to be lower compared to the widespread storms we have been seeing across the state.

This will be one of the drier weekends the state has seen, depending on location. North/East will remain drier, South/West will be a lot more active. By next week, widespread monsoon moisture is expected to resurge over New Mexico. This will once again be increasing rain chances across the state into next week.