The storm system that brought a line of rain, snow, and wind across New Mexico yesterday is very slowly pushing away from the state. There is still enough moisture in the upper levels to drop a few snow flurries over the higher elevations of the northern and Sacramento mountains, along with the west central part of the state and into the Gila. The Albuquerque metro has the potential to see a few snow flurries this afternoon.

Winds will be a big impact today as the highest gusts push east, mainly along and to the east of the Central Mountain Chain. Advisories are in place across the northeast, East and Sacramento Mountains, and southeast. Winds may gust up to 55 mph. The winds will make temperatures feel even colder, with wind chill values not expected to get above freezing for the metro.

This wintry chill will stick around all week as the storm system that impacted us yesterday remains in control of basically the entire continental US. The jet stream will continue to remain north/northwesterly, continuously bringing in cold air from Canada. This pattern will reinforce the below average temperatures, keeping the state chilly into the weekend. At least plenty more sunshine and quieter conditions will return by tomorrow.