NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Monday morning is cool and quiet. The winds will pick up to around 30 mph today, drawing moisture into eastern New Mexico. Storms will develop off of a dry line in eastern NM this afternoon, moving eastward through the evening and overnight. Storms will end Tuesday morning in the northeast highlands, and then another round of storms will develop off of the dry line Tuesday afternoon in eastern NM, pushing eastward through the evening. There is a low to medium threat of severe storms in east-central and southeast New Mexico Monday afternoon through the evening. A few storms will have damaging wind, hail and even a tornado.

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Moisture will be limited for the rest of New Mexico, so most other spots will stay dry. There is a chance for a sprinkle in central NM and a couple of showers and storms in the northern and western mountains, but most rain in these areas will evaporate before making it to the ground.

Winds will be breezy today, up to around 30 mph. Stronger gusts are expected Tuesday, especially in western New Mexico. Dry air and those breezy winds are prompting a fire weather watch for Tuesday for western NM. Temperatures will stay near and cooler than normal for the first half of the week.