NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – We’ve certainly had our fair share of rain the past few days. Ruidoso received almost 2″ of rain over the past week, while the ABQ Sunport picked up nearly an inch and a half! This is over a quarter of the total rin we typically see during the entire monsoon. Our rather impressive monsoon season continues this afternoon into the weekend as the moisture remains over the state. This afternoon we’ll see more of a typical summer set up which means scattered PM storms mainly south of I-40. The main focus will be across the Sacramento Mountains where flash flooding is the highest. Otherwise, just isolated showers are expected for northern New Mexico. Temperatures will be warmer this afternoon from less cloudcover. We’ll rebound into the middle 80s for the metro, so a good 10-15° warmer than Wednesday! So it’ll be much hotter as well as feel moderately humid for most of the state.

Forecast Continues Below

The southeast corner will dry out somewhat to close the week; so this zone will see the least amount of rain the next two days. Come Saturday, we’ll see more moisture cross the state, this time in the way of a backdoor cold front. This will lower our temperatures, especially Sunday and give another solid dose of widespread storms statewide. So keep the umbrella handy as we continue our healthy monsoon season. Sunday temps cool 15° below average. It looks like it’ll be fairly similar to Wednesday with all the clouds and rain.