It’s been a lovely Halloweekend of weather across New Mexico, with today seeing a bit more cloud coverage compared to yesterday. There is too much dry air at the surface for these clouds to bring any precipitation, besides maybe a very isolated shower over higher elevations.

Clouds will clear from northwest to southeast tomorrow afternoon, just in time for Halloween and trick or treating. Those of you that live in the Sacramento Mountains, however, may see a stray shower in higher elevations by the early evening. The rest of the state should remain dry until our next storm system.

Southwesterly winds will begin to pick up Tuesday and into Wednesday as the jet stream begins to dig south from the Pacific Northwest. This will bring the potential for damaging wind gusts along the Central Mountain Chain Thursday, and a significant cool down into Friday. Rain and snow is expected across southern Colorado along with northern and west-central New Mexico late Wednesday and Thursday into Friday, but how long the system impacts us and to what extent is still a bit uncertain at this point. Remain up to date and weather aware this work week, and enjoy the beautiful Halloween ahead of us!