Tuesday morning is cool and clear across the state. Most temperatures have stayed above freezing. Winds are breezy in eastern New Mexico. The winds will pick up even more as the day goes on. The afternoon and evening will be gustiest. Winds will be from the west/southwest at 20-35 mph in most of the state, but higher gusts of 40-45 mph will be possible in the western high terrain, northern high terrain, central mountain chain and east plains.

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Temperatures will warm up with the help of downslope warming, and highs will be back in record-territory this afternoon. Temperatures will climb into the 70s and 80s in most of the state. Temperatures will start to cool Wednesday, and a big drop in temperatures will arrive on Thursday as a cold front moves in. Very little precipitation will be possible in the northern mountains and southern NM, Wednesday night through Thursday and Friday. Winds will be gusty through Wednesday and Thursday morning, before calming Friday.