Dry westerly winds have returned to the Desert Southwest early this week, with little to no chances for rain across the state. Dry air overnight will allow heat to escape, bringing some of the coolest overnight lows the state has felt in months. Westerly winds will allow for downslope warming, with the easternmost parts of the state feeling the hottest temperatures into tomorrow. Plenty of sunshine and near record breaking heat will continue into Tuesday and Wednesday.

By Wednesday and into Thursday, a monsoon high will begin to build across southern New Mexico. This area of high pressure will usher in a little upper level moisture, bringing the chance for very light mountain showers. The rest of the state will remain very dry and very hot, with record breaking heat into the late week.

The biggest impact high pressure will bring is heat. High pressure creates sinking air, which puts pressure on the air and compresses it. As the air compresses, it heats up and makes temperatures even warmer. Triple digit heat is expected across southern New Mexico late this week and into the weekend.

Dry conditions and above average highs will persist into this weekend, before better chances for rain return into next week. Even though Labor Day is the unofficial start to fall, it’s going to feel like we are back in the dog days of summer this week – but without any of the monsoon moisture.