Storms continue in eastern New Mexico this evening. A band of rain will push north through the state overnight.

Storms have once again developed Wednesday afternoon across the eastern half of New Mexico. A few storms also developed in northwestern parts of the state, but with drier air, it’s likely most of that rain is evaporating before reaching the ground. Storms will end later tonight across New Mexico, but rain will begin to push into the southwest part of the state by midnight.

Showers will push north across New Mexico through Thursday morning. This will bring a chance of rain to the Albuquerque metro around 4 am. Rain will then push into the northern part of the state, where it will switch over to snow above about 9,500′. Rain and mountain snow will end by noon on Thursday as southwest winds pick up and draw in drier air.

Thursday afternoon will begin our new weather pattern that will last for several days. From Thursday afternoon through early next week, high temperatures will remain above average with breezy to windy conditions every afternoon. Winds will bring days of high fire danger to parts of the state as well.