This active weather pattern will continue into the weekend with scattered chances for showers and thunderstorms. Some rain could be heavy at times with more snow across the peaks of the northern mountains.

Wednesday has brought widespread rainfall across New Mexico as an upper level low pressure system swirls over the state. Heavy rain has fallen in some areas, and peaks of the northern mountains have picked up several inches of snow. Scattered showers will continue overnight, especially in the southern half of the state. A few showers and low cloud cover could impact Balloon Fiesta in the morning, but it will once again be one of those marginal days where it will be “hurry up and wait.”

Wet weather will continue Thursday afternoon and through the weekend. The upper level low pressure system responsible for all the rain today will shift to our southwest and draw up more moisture beginning Friday. This will keep widespread chances for rain and thunderstorms around through the weekend and into early next week with temperatures staying below average for the beginning of October.

Every morning for the rest of Balloon Fiesta will feature marginal conditions. Just like what we’ve seen every morning since Fiesta started, we have an idea of what is going to happen in the mornings and at night, but wait until we are actually out there to know whether we will get the green flag or not.