For most of the state, it was a much calmer Saturday with milder temperatures. This was especially true for the west half of New Mexico. Highs rebounded to 52° in Farmington, 54° in Santa Fe, 58° for Albuquerque, and Roswell reached 72°. However, very strong wind gusts continued pounding the central and eastern plains this afternoon with peak gusts of 55-65 mph near Clines Corners and Santa Rosa. Some gusts even made it over 70 mph! High wind warnings are finally expired. Thankfully, we’re quieting down rather quickly, but some breezes will still linger east. Our state also saw its fair share of cloudcover this afternoon. These clouds will be clearing out later tonight, setting up a very chilly Sunday morning with lows below freezing for the northern half again.

Sunday will be a gorgeous day with abundant sunshine, calmer wind speeds, and warmer temperatures. Highs will climb another 5-7° to put us above average for early November. Enjoy the day and soak up the late season sunshine. Temps hold steady early week in the upper 60s to around 70° in the Rio Grande Valley. Come midweek, our pattern turns more active once again. Another strong storm system will develop over the Pacific Northwest. This will eventually swing another cold front through the state and kick up our wind gusts. Moisture as of now, is limited to the northern mountains.