Quieter and warmer weather continues through Wednesday. Another storm arrives Thursday bringing more wind, rain, snow, and colder temperatures to New Mexico.

Quieter weather has returned Tuesday after a strong fall storm moved across the state yesterday. Many woke up to freezing temperatures this morning, but high temperatures were as much as 5° to 30° warmer than yesterday. Despite the warmer weather, temperatures were still around 10° below-average. Warmer weather will continue to move in through Wednesday as westerly winds become a little more breezy tomorrow, ahead of our next storm system Thursday.

Winds will be picking up again Thursday as another storm system crosses New Mexico. Winds will gust over 40 mph out of the northwest once again with this storm as a cold front sweeps across the state. Temperatures will be cooler Thursday and Friday afternoon. It is likely to bring some light lower elevation rain Thursday afternoon to parts of northern and eastern New Mexico, with snow in the higher elevations, along with the Sacramento Mountains. There is still some uncertainty in how for south the precipitation is going to make it.

The storm quickly moves out by Friday, leaving cold temperatures in its wake. It will remain breezy Friday afternoon across eastern New Mexico, but drier weather will have returned. We will finally have a weekend with quieter weather across the entire state.