What a great stretch of weather this weekend! Abundant sunshine, milder temps, and calmer winds are the main feature. It’s much calmer statewide compared to Friday, which saw wind gusts of 50 mph east. Temps are cooled off 10-15° with the backdoor front.

Highs climbed near 50° for Albuquerque, middle 40s in Santa Fe, and upper 50s for Roswell. Early day clouds continue pushing southeast this late afternoon/evening. Skies will remain mainly clear tonight, and so temps will drop fairly quickly given the dry air and calmer winds. It’ll be quiet and chilly overnight with high clouds streaming from the Four Corners.

Forecast Continues Below

Sunday will be a touch warmer with a few more clouds than Saturday. The atmospheric river pattern slamming California will only send us some clouds sporadically the next few days. The whole state stays dry until Wednesday. That’s when the northern mountains will pick up snow showers with another quick hitting scraper storm system. Ahead of this, our winds strengthen and our temps warm especially east of the mountains.

Upper 60s/lower 70s will be common over southeast NM. Highs will warm into the middle 50s for the RGV. Temps cool a few degrees midweek after the next storm.