NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – High pressure in Texas continues to drag monsoon moisture from the Gulf of Mexico into the Desert Southwest. Locations that may not have seen much rain in July have the higher potential to see some into this afternoon and evening. Heavy rainfall is possible, especially across the northern part of the state and into southern Colorado through late tonight.

Forecast continues below

Forecast Continues Below

A majority of the northern half of New Mexico is under a Flood Watch until tonight. Soils are already saturated/waterlogged in most locations, so any additional rainfall has nowhere to go and flooding remains a major concern. All recent burn scars, areas that have already received multiple rounds of heavy rain, and low lying urban areas with poor drainage have the highest potential to see that flash flooding.

Scattered showers and storms will continue for your Saturday, with flash flooding continuing to be a threat. By Sunday and into early next week, high pressure from the Pacific NW will begin pushing closer to the state. This will allow for lesser coverage of storms into early next week. It won’t necessarily be a dry start to next week, just drier than what we have been seeing across the state this past week.

Keep an umbrella handy if you have any plans this weekend…it won’t be a rain all weekend event, but most of us will see a pop up storm or more dependent on location. Northern portions of the state have the highest potential to see more widespread action.