NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – A massive area of high pressure continues to drive the weather across New Mexico this week. The high will do three main things: first, it will bring significantly warmer than average temperatures across the west. Record high temperatures are possible near the four corners. This heat is expected to stick around through Thursday.

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The second thing the high is going to do is drag dry air around it, allowing the drier conditions to infiltrate the entire state. The state may see some of the lowest humidity values since the monsoon began. Directly under the high, especially over the four corners, there is a bit more moisture which may allow an isolated storm or two to form in southern Colorado. Other than that, New Mexico is expected to remain dry into tomorrow afternoon.

The high will also block any moisture that Hurricane Kay was trying to push into the state, keeping the system in the Pacific through late week. This will keep rain chances limited, if anything, through Thursday. An isolated northern mountain storm cannot be ruled out Thursday evening. However, by late week and into the weekend, there is the potential for a backdoor cold front to push into the Desert Southwest and increase rain chances across the northern 2/3 of New Mexico into the weekend.