NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Monday is sunny and calmer than Sunday in most spots around the state. Temperatures will stay cooler than normal for areas west of the central mountain chain, and warmer than normal for the east plains and highlands.

The winds will gust up to around 25 mph in the Rio Grande Valley and western New Mexico and gusting up to 50-55 mph in eastern New Mexico. Wind advisories will be in effect for the east slopes of the central mountains and the central highlands. Red flag warnings are issued across the east plains for high fire danger.

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As the next winter storm approaches, winds will pick up speed statewide on Tuesday and Wednesday. Wind gusts of over 30 mph are expected in the Valley, with wind gusts over 50 mph in eastern NM.

As winds comes in from the west/southwest, and moisture increases in the Four Corners, snow will start in the Four Corners on Tuesday and Wednesday. The storm will cross the state on Thursday, bringing widespread snow to New Mexico. Moderate to heavy snow accumulation is expected Thursday, which may cause difficulties for the morning commute.