Thursday morning is chilly in northern New Mexico, and comfortable in central and southern NM. Skies and dry and clear. It is going to be a hotter day, thanks to strong high pressure over New Mexico. Temperatures will climb a few degrees from Wednesday, and many spots in central, southern and eastern New Mexico will see near-record, and record high temperatures this afternoon.

Forecast Continues Below

Clouds will increase in the southwest and Sacramento Mountains this afternoon, and light showers will be possible in the high terrain. The lower Rio Grande Valley and southeast plains will see an increase in cloud cover, and virga, which could lead to strong wind gusts, dusty conditions and light sprinkles. Moisture will remain limited in the lower levels through the weekend, keeping virga a possibility in the lower elevations of central and southern NM through Sunday. The heat wave will continue through Monday, with more near-record hot temperatures through the weekend.