High pressure has been dominating the central United States, including most of New Mexico, bringing abnormally dry and hot conditions. After a very dry, hot, and windy weekend across the state, more moisture is forecast to arrive as soon as tomorrow as high pressure nudges slightly east.

Windy conditions will stick around through the early evening, with gusts dying down as the sun sets. Tomorrow, breezy conditions will stick around as more moisture surges across the state from the southeast. Clouds will arrive by the early afternoon, with isolated storms along and east of the Central Mountain Chain developing in the mid to late afternoon. Most storms will be dry, with rain evaporating before it reaches the ground. Gusty winds will be the main impacts.

Isolated mountain storms will stick around Tuesday as moisture pushes farther west. Temperatures will be a few degrees cooler but still mostly above average to start off the work week. Below average high temperatures will return by the mid to late week as an even bigger surge of moisture arrives.

There is a tropical disturbance in the Gulf of Mexico with a 50% chance of formation in the next 48 hours. Even if it doesn’t form into a tropical storm, the moisture from the disturbance is still expected to push across Texas and Mexico before arriving to western New Mexico by Wednesday. More widespread, heavy rainfall is expected across the state, the heaviest in western New Mexico. Although late this week and into next weekend is still a bit uncertain, it does look like drier and warmer conditions will return. Enjoy the rain and cooler temperatures this week while they last.