NEW MEXICO (KRQE) –  This morning is very snowy around the mountains, with rain showers in the valleys. We will see rain turning to snow for some of the lower terrains, as the rain cools temperatures down. Roads will be messy and slow throughout central, northern, and western New Mexico, especially as the wind causes blowing and drifting snow, and low visibility.

Forecast Continues Below

Snow and rain will stay heavy until around 9, but it will start to taper off from 9 a.m. to noon. The afternoon will be dry with a mix of sunshine and some clouds. Winds will be very strong during the afternoon. High wind warnings and wind advisories are in effect for all of eastern New Mexico, along with much of the Rio Grande Valley. Winds will gust around 50-65 mph in these areas. Western New Mexico will also be windy, with gusts up to around 40-45 mph.

The wind will die down late in the evening, leaving us calmer for the weekend. Temperatures will plummet tonight into the negatives, single digits, teens, and 20s, thanks to a strong cold front. Saturday will stay chilly but sunny during the day. On Sunday, temperatures will rebound about ten degrees warmer.