It’s a delightful end to this weekend – mostly calm winds, dry conditions, sunny skies, and mild temperatures. Enjoy it while you can, because another scraper storm system is on the way. Overnight lows will be a bit milder than last night due to a few mid-to-high clouds filtering overhead. Tomorrow morning will be calm, quiet, and partly to mostly clear.

High pressure has already started building over the state, expected to center itself over New Mexico tomorrow. This will allow for the calmest day of the week ahead, even though it will still be breezy across parts of the state with gusts of 25-30 mph. A few isolated thunderstorms may form along a dry line south of I-40 and east of I-25 tomorrow afternoon, quickly pushing into Texas Monday evening. The rest of the state will be dry, sunny, and relatively calm. Temperatures will warm about 5-10 degrees above Sunday. A warming trend will continue through Tuesday before the jet stream begins to directly impact the state by the midweek.

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Tuesday and into Wednesday, the jet stream will begin breaking down and moving south over the state. This will allow for strong upper-level winds that will translate down to the surface, with gusts Tuesday getting up to 30-40 mph and peaking Wednesday with widespread gusts of 45-65 mph.

The jet stream will lift north into Thursday and Friday, bringing the northern half of the state 45-55 mph gusts. Either way, this week will be a windy one – much windier than last week. Temperatures will be cooler, but still seasonable if not above, by the late week. Mostly sunny skies will persist all week with mostly dry conditions – this storm will be a wind maker for New Mexico.