Lighter winds finally return New Mexico to wrap up this week as high pressure builds in. However, it will remain extremely dry and highs will reach near-record temperatures.

Winds have completely died down all across New Mexico tonight and temperatures will be very cool by Friday morning with the extremely dry air in place. Some areas in northern New Mexico will fall to near and below-freezing by the morning. Lighter winds are finally on the way starting Friday as upper level winds relax and an area of high pressure builds in this weekend. Winds may still gust up to 25 mph in some places across the state, but most of the time the winds will remain light and calm.

As high pressure moves in starting Saturday, it will also bring in very warm temperatures. Highs will hover close to record temperatures starting Sunday, and the heat will last through almost all of next week. We could see some breezy conditions across parts of the state next week, but not looking at any strong wind gusts. Windier weather may return though next Thursday.