NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – It’s been a rainy week so far across the western/northwestern part of the state, brought to the region by a perfect upper level setup. High pressure in the central US, combined with low pressure off the Pacific Northwest is funneling moisture into the Desert Southwest.

Forecast Continues Below

This moisture will continue to get squeezed into an even more narrow plume by later today and tomorrow as the high and low move closer to one another. This will bring intense moisture across the Four Corners and especially southern Colorado, with excessive rainfall threat possibly the highest the area has seen all season. Anywhere from 1-3″ is possible in locally heavy storms in southern Colorado and far northwestern New Mexico. The metro has the slight potential for an isolated hit or miss storm tonight, but the higher potential is Thursday afternoon and evening.

Moisture will begin to tilt starting Thursday, and push north Friday. This will allow for the potential for isolated storms across the region through Friday, but as that moisture moves away from the state, a lot more sunshine is expected. This upcoming weekend is going be drier, sunnier, and warmer (for many).