Daily chances for rain and thunderstorms will continue this week, especially for the western and central parts of New Mexico. Eastern New Mexico will see a break from the rain and heavy rainfall this past weekend.

Drier weather finally gave southeastern New Mexico a break from heavy rainfall Monday, while heavy rain impacted other parts of the state, including the Albuquerque metro. Daily rounds of showers and thunderstorms will return Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon to the western two-thirds of New Mexico. Locally heavy rainfall will still be possible out of these storms, bringing the potential for more flash flooding, especially to burn scar areas. Outflow boundaries later in the day will bring storm chances to the lower elevations.

High pressure will build back over the Four Corners by Wednesday, bringing warmer weather, but monsoon moisture will stay trapped underneath the high.

By the end of the week, the area of high pressure will have moved over eastern New Mexico, allowing for more monsoon moisture to stream into the western half of the state. This will bring an uptick in storm chances, especially Friday. Chances for rain will continue into the weekend, while eastern New Mexico will stay mostly dry.