NEW MEXICO (KRQE) –  A strong winter storm is moving through New Mexico this morning, bringing heavy snowfall and strong winds across parts of the state.

Heavy snow is falling across parts of New Mexico, bringing dangerous driving conditions for some. Strong winds have moved into Albuquerque, where wind gusts over 60 mph have been recorded. This easterly wind is developing a snow hole, keeping Albuquerque mostly free of snow. There is some blowing snow in the Heights and Foothills.

Forecast Continues Below

Heavy to moderate snow will continue for those currently seeing it through the mid morning, but this winter storm will slowly taper off in intensity into the lunch hour. Snow and rain will come to an end by late tonight.

Another storm brings more snow to the northern mountains and southern Colorado into the end of the week, with gradually warming temperatures into the weekend. Another storm is possible this weekend as well.