Freezing and near freezing temperatures are likely for parts of New Mexico tonight. Breezy winds will stick around in the afternoons.

Winds continue to die down across New Mexico tonight as skies remain clear and extremely dry air is in place. Because of this, freezing and near freezing temperatures are likely across parts of New Mexico tonight. A Freeze Warning is in effect for the Albuquerque metro and eastern parts of the state. Temperatures will be a few degrees warmer Friday afternoon, but breezy conditions will return in the afternoon.

For western New Mexico this weekend, temperatures will continue a warming trend. In the eastern half of the state, areas outside of far northeast New Mexico will be warmer until Sunday. That’s when a cold front will move in and bring a sharp cooldown. Some upper level moisture will begin streaming into the state by Sunday, bringing very isolated chances for rain.

Upper level moisture will continue to stream into New Mexico next week, bringing the best chance for spotty showers to northern and eastern New Mexico. Temperatures will climb back above average statewide early next week as breezy conditions return every afternoon.