NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – New Mexico’s weather will be split in half, with two very different weather stories across the eastern vs western parts of the state. Western New Mexico is beginning to dry out as weak high pressure build in from the southwest. This is bringing much drier air to the west of the Central Mountain Chain, keeping shower and storm potential low. Isolated weak storms and light sprinkles are possible west today, getting even drier into the late week.

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Eastern New Mexico will be much wetter as a dry line sets up along the Central Mountain Chain. The dry line will wiggle back and forth starting Wednesday and continuing into the weekend ahead. This will keep daily chances for strong to severe storms to form across far eastern/northeastern New Mexico including hail, damaging winds, and frequent lightning. If you live in eastern New Mexico, please keep an eye on the radar this week and remain weather aware.

All the sunshine and dry air west will allow temperatures to rise a few degrees above average into the mid to late week. UV index will be very high west of the Central Mountain Chain, so make sure to wear sunscreen and limit time in direct sunlight. However, the cloud coverage and rain east will keep temperatures east of the central mountains a degree or two below average.