High pressure is approaching the state from the west this afternoon. This is drawing drier air across the state, especially across central and eastern New Mexico. An isolated Gila storm or two is expected this afternoon, while the rest of the state remains dry. Even hotter conditions are expected tomorrow as high pressure arrives.

Thursday and into Friday will be the hottest days of the week as high pressure dominates the weather across the Desert Southwest. Triple digits will return to the southeast, mid 90s in the Albuquerque metro. Isolated mountain storms are expected Thursday, before a more traditional monsoon pattern sets up into Friday.

Unfortunately, this monsoon pattern will bring the most abundant moisture to Arizona. Only the far western and northernmost parts of the state will see any rain, with very dry conditions across the rest of New Mexico. Temperatures will remain above average into the weekend.

By Sunday, there is the potential for a Pacific cold front to drape across the northern half of New Mexico. This would bring more moisture and potentially some more rain, but it is still very uncertain how much (if any) rain that system will bring the state. Either way, drier and warmer than normal conditions are expected to kick off September.