A drying trend will continue over the state as a more stable air mass wraps around high pressure. Still, plenty of moisture is still in place across the western and southern parts of New Mexico, allowing for heavy rainfall and storms into the weekend ahead. This will be the best area for widespread coverage of activity into the weekend. Flash flood watches remains in effect through tonight for the Gila and Sacramento Mountains. There will most likely be more watches into Saturday and Sunday.

Dry air proceeds to push further west into tomorrow, with lower coverage of showers and storms expected by the afternoon. This will allow temperatures across east to get back to normal if not a degree or two above for mid August. Still, an isolated storm or two over the northern mountains is still likely even with the drier air, so grab an umbrella in case you get caught in one of those pop up storms.

This weekend will see a brief lull in the monsoon rainfall before more widespread moisture surges across the state. The exact timing, intensity, and totals are uncertain still at this point, but numerous shower and storms are expected into the early to middle parts of next week.