It is much quieter outside today with a clear radar across the southwestern United States. Even though you should expect plenty of sunshine today, don’t expect it to be accompanied by warm conditions. Well below average temperatures are across the state today, with some locations in the northern mountains and southern Colorado not expected to get above freezing. Even though the winds today aren’t substantial, it will still feel brisk with any sort of breeze today.

Tomorrow will begin a short warming trend into the weekend. Plenty of sunshine will persist all day Friday before a few clouds begin to push into the state by Saturday. Temperatures will warm a few degrees into Friday, a few more degrees into Saturday, and even more into Sunday along with mostly sunny skies. Winds will begin to pick up Sunday ahead of our next storm system.

There is still a lot of uncertainty with our next weather maker across New Mexico. Models have a large storm system crossing the southern part of the state sometime early to mid next week. However, there is disagreement on exact timing and track of the storm, which dictates where the most precipitation will fall and how impactful it will be across those areas. It’s a good idea to remain up to date and keep checking up on the forecast for next week’s storm.