A lot more clouds across the state this afternoon as a storm system approaches. Winds today will be breezier than yesterday, up to 30-50 mph, with gustier conditions over the mountains. There is a lot of reflectivity showing up on satellite/radar across the east, but little if any of that precipitation is reaching the ground. The only places that did see a few raindrops/wet snowflakes were in higher elevations of the Northern Mountains.

A few isolated stronger rain showers or thunderstorms may form across the far northeast this afternoon and evening, while the rest of the state remains mostly dry. Clouds are expected to persist for most of the afternoon as well, clearing into this evening and overnight. Cloud coverage will keep temperatures about 5 degrees cooler than yesterday, but still above average for mid April.

The Pacific cold front will arrive Friday, keeping temperatures 5-15° cooler than today. More sunshine is expected statewide as well, even though it warm temperatures all too much. The sun will, however, allow winds to get even stronger than today with widespread gusts 35-55 mph and higher across the Central Mountain Chain. Northern Mountain and Four Corner light rain and snow is possible, but the most precipitation is expected in southern Colorado starting late tonight and continuing into Friday.

By Saturday, the windiest conditions will move northeast with much drier air and more sunshine returning. It will be dry at the surface all week, even with upper level moisture, fire weather conditions have returned. A Red Flag Warning is in effect until 8 PM today, with Fire Weather Watches and another Red Flag Warning in effect tomorrow.