Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you’re having a nice holiday. It was a rather warm Christmas statewide except for the northwest corner. We reached 55° in ABQ, which makes it the warmest Christmas in four years. It was still fairly windy across the east, but things have calmed down considerably now. We’re beginning to see clouds increase again ahead of our next weather maker Sunday. This means more mountain snow for the San Juan as well as more higher wind gusts for the rest of the state. High wind warnings are in effect for most of Sunday east of the central mountains including the Estancia Valley and Upper RGV. Wind gusts will break 40-45 mph for this region and topple 60 mph for the east! So the wind isn’t going anywhere even into the longer range forecast. High temps Sunday will remain 10-15° above average with more 70s for the southeast.

After a couple more inches of snow for the northern mountains earlier Sunday, we’ll catch a brief break before the next storm arrives Tuesday into Wednesday. This one will feature colder air and more moisture where we may even see a few snowflakes across central New Mexico. Beyond this, our temperatures trend much cooler and closer to average for late December as more rain and snow showers remain in the forecast north and west of Albuquerque into New Year’s weekend.